Best Dressed Lists Are Actually The Worst

The Oscars and Grammys and Golden Globes, oh my! Award season is in full swing and with it comes the notorious Red Carpet, where our favorite celebrities make their way to the show with hosts yelling, “Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!”

The day after the award show, outlets like Entertainment Weekly and the L.A. Times publish lists of the best and worst dressed.

As a fashion junkie, there is nothing I love more than sitting on my couch eating Pop Tarts and judging dresses that cost more than my college tuition. However, as fun as that judgement can be, there is no real rhyme or reason when it comes to The Best and Worst Dressed Lists.

The majority of the time, most of the outlets that publish these lists end up with contradictions. Take the Grammys this year, for example. While Vogue put Halsey on their Best Dressed List, both the L.A. Times and Entertainment Weekly put her on their Worst Dressed. This is not an anomaly, it happens multiple times every award season. While Vogue celebrated Katy Perry’s custom Tom Ford dress, other outlets made jokes about the furry-bottomed ensemble.

Besides the inconsistency of these lists, they also ignore that fashion is a subjective art form. Part of what makes fashion so interesting and innovative are different aesthetic ideas. One woman’s garbage is another woman’s Givenchy.

While there is no doubt that some dresses are exceptionally made or are particularly daring, there is no equation or formula we follow to separate the good from the bad. The people who create these so-called Best Dressed Lists are no more qualified to judge garments than you and I.

So today, I would like to tip my hat to all the celebrities that have graced or will grace the pages of a Worst Dressed List. I will gladly sit back on my futon drinking $6 Pinot Grigio taking in all of your too-daring glory.


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