Is Water the New Beauty Miracle?

My dream of summer being just around the corner is buried somewhere at the bottom of a huge pile of snow. Luckily, my new favorite beauty product is quenching my thirst for pool days at a price that seems too good to be true. Micellar water is the latest and greatest beauty trend that’s easy on your wallet and your skin.

I bought mine at a local drugstore a few months ago after my beauty guru of a best friend introduced me. Most drugstore beauty brands have jumped on the micellar bandwagon by now and a large bottle can be purchased for less than $10 (mine is Garnier).


So what exactly is this water and why should you be using it? Micellar water is made from tiny cleansing oils suspended in soft water. The cleansing oils both (gently) remove dirt and makeup while simultaneously moisturizing skin. It can remove even heavy foundation and waterproof mascara.

While this product has saved my life a few times by being a quick way to remove my makeup after a long night and a few too many glasses of wine, it shouldn’t be used by itself regularly.

A gentle cream cleanser or antibacterial cloth (like Norwex’s facial cloths) work great for gently removing surface makeup and the micellar water acts as a perfect middle step to remove the rest of the makeup and hydrate the skin. Microdermabrasion a few times a week has taken the place of a daily exfoliating scrub as well (I got mine from Neutrogena for less than $20).

In addition to just micellar water, brands are creating entire lines based on the idea of water in our cleansers, moisturizers and everything in-between. Loving  bargains as I do, I got suckered into a 50% off Hydro Boost moisturizer by Neutrogena (again at the recommendation from my beauty savvy friend), and my skin has never felt better.

Micellar water has a longstanding beauty reputation with professionals, but with its new life on the shelves of drugstores and even with big beauty brands like Lancôme, this product is changing the way we remove our makeup.

As an avid trend-tester (hello, I was a part of the blue eyeshadow fad of the 2000s), micellar water is one of the best trends I’ve stumbled across since, dare I say, matte lipstick.

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