With love, Genevieve


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that International Women’s Day is one of my favorite days. The only thing I love more than strong women is a day dedicated to celebrating them.

Because there are so many amazing women who have inspired my passion over the years, this is my place to say thank you. Thank you to the women who have shown me that I can be a writer, that my thoughts are important, and that I deserve to be heard. Thank you for proving to me over and over again that fashion is not silly or frivolous or shallow and that loving clothes does not negate my intellect.

There are countless women who inspire me in my career daily, but here are brief thank you letters to some of my favorite.

Ann Shoket

You were one of the first women who made me realize my dream could be reality. Since middle school I’ve been obsessed with your work, whether it was being the editor of a major magazine, starring as my favorite judge on America’s Next Top Model, publishing your own book, or inspiring a whole new generation of women. Thank you for sharing your #BigLife with us. (Also one time you sent me a heart on Instagram and I’m still not over it.)

Amelia Diamond

When I found Man Repeller a few years ago, you were instantly my favorite writer. Your writing is witty and insightful and I read it everyday to become a better writer. I admire your willingness to be open with your readers.

Julie Zerbo

There is no one I turn to faster to learn about the fashion industry. I admire how quick The Fashion Law is to call out injustice in the industry. Your writing gives a new perspective to fashion. You have inspired me to think deeply about the clothes on my body and brought me the realization that my clothing not only affects me, but everyone who touched it, and even some people who didn’t.

LeeAnn Moore

Okay, so you’re not a journalist and you don’t work in fashion, but I can’t write about International Women’s Day without mentioning you. You have always supported my dreams in countless ways. You were my first teacher, my first (and sometimes current) editor, and my first stylist. Thank you for raising me and for never calming the storm inside me. I love you.





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