Fashion is getting ugly (read: interesting) again

Mom jeans, tiny sunglasses, sneakers with dresses… all of my favorite ugly clothes are returning. My instagram feed is full of trends that are actually fun to look at!

Boring fashion is not normcore’s fault; it really does have its place (think: Chloé, simple but chic). If you’re not sure what normcore is, it can pretty much be summed up by every time you went to the mall and shopped exclusively in the ‘basics’ section of the store.

I can’t even blame us for our mistakes. We were scarred from the previous era of early 2000s fashion. After all of the tank top layering and knee-high neon pink Converse, I think we reacted the only way we knew how– by running in the opposite direction toward black skinny jeans and plain tee white tee shirts. 

That era could only last for so long though, and I think we’re finally reaching the end.

This summer is the time for clothes to make their comeback. I’m talking ruffles and different necklines. I want bell sleeves and awkward cropped lengths. I want corduroy shorts and so much denim on denim. Don’t even get me started on accessories. I’m ready for fun earrings (my newest ones look like giant safety pins) and stacked bracelets.

If you’re stuck in your normcore ways or not quite ready to part with your basics, here are a few ways to ease you into it.


  • Start with accessories. They’re easy to try on and change if you decide you’re not feeling them. My safety pin earrings (which get tons of compliments, btw) are interesting and cute without stealing the show. And if I’m ever feeling like they’re too much, I can just slip them out, no need for a complete outfit change.
  • Try everything on!!! I’m throwing this rule back to my middle school days of Stacy London and What Not to Wear. It’s an oldie but a goodie. An outfit isn’t made to fit the shape of a hanger, so take it to the dressing room to see how it looks on you. Try on things you normally wouldn’t just to see how they look. (Also including this rule for myself because I am notorious for buying things without trying them on because I’m *spontaneous*).
  • Experiment with color. For my whole life I never wore anything yellow because I thought it looked bad with my skin. One day I saw a gorgeous Tommy jacket that I almost didn’t pick up because it’s bright yellow. I decided to try it on anyway and now it’s my favorite jacket and I’m wearing it as I type this.


There are tons more suggestions I have on wearing ugly clothes (the most important one being to DO IT) that I will save for another blog post on another day. If you’re looking for places to shop, feel free to reach out to me, or if there’s a place you love that I should know about, please comment!


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