Thrifted: A Guide

I know I’m always posting about my favorite vintage Levis or the best new top I got for $5 at a vintage store, but if any of you are wondering how I’ve come to hoard these pieces, this post is for you!

There are few things quite as intimidating as a thrift store with piles (not neat stacks, piles!) of garments from floor to ceiling. Sometimes it’s even too much for me and I run to the next block to find some dollar pizza before I can manage to trek on.

Sometimes the only thing that really keeps me going is a gut feeling that tells that if I dig past just one more Forever 21 reject, I’ll be united with a vintage Chanel that is ridiculously underpriced.

If you’d like to follow my journeys live, follow me on instagram where I post my adventures live on my story! In these few pictures I’m running around Brooklyn and the East Village.

These are a few of the photos you can hopefully use as a guide to help you find some amazing pieces!

1. Wear something comfy! There’s nothing worse than taking off and putting back on an obnoxious outfit a million times.

Thrift Shop Dressing

Top and Jeans: Vintage Levis Shoes: Converse


2. Try on so much stuff! If something catches your eye, just try it on. You came here to shop, right???


Buffalo Exchange had terrible hanging options so it was impossible to get a good picture of what I tried on. But look how ugly those shorts are! Still tried them on. Not. Cute.


3. Ask for advice!


I’ve been reaching out to my Instagram followers to see how they feel about things. Ultimately you’re the judge and you should go with what feels best!

Stamina is key in a good thrifting experience! Go out ready to hunt and if you start to feel overwhelmed, just think about the envy you feel when someone else has a perfectly thrifted bag. Do you have any tips for a successful thrift trip? Let me know!

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