I accidentally started shopping for fall already

I’ve seen all of the pictures from Fourth of July BBQs and so many “wedding szn” pictures I’m surprised there’s anyone left to be wed in this country. I won’t lie to you and say I love summer as much as the next person, because I don’t. When I walk outside and feel sweat beads rolling down my back, I wish for snowflakes and I am NOT sorry.

There is something to say for summer fashion, I’ll give you that. Eyelet lace, jelly shoes, linen jumpsuits, all some of my favorite things. Right now I’m wearing a skirt that looks like a bandana, try pulling that one off in January… no thanks.

I was wandering around Midtown this afternoon, thrifting and window shopping for nothing in particular when I got sucked into a Goodwill on 6th ave. To be fair, I tried on about a million different things for all seasons (an oversized Cynthia Rowley blazer, a striped button up dress, etc.) but the three items I walked out with look straight out of a fall catalog.

Ever since I bought a calf-length flannel today, my mind has been trenches and turtlenecks. So if you’re like me, here’s some fall fashion I can’t stop thinking about to keep you cool until September. All of these photos come from Vogue, check them out for the best fashion updates!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy your sun dresses while they last kids, because I’m already holding my breath for the first leaves to fall.

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