I’ve started embracing regrettable fashion trends and it’s actually awesome

Every fashion cycle comes with at least one, if not several, trends that we all overuse and look back on with shame. There were the MC Hammer pants of the 80s and the popcorn shirts of the 90s, to name a few.

Maybe it’s because I lived through them but I could name at least five trends from the 2000s without even thinking about it (blue eyeshadow and layered tanks, anyone?).

I was once like you and hid my head in shame when Timehop pulled pictures of my terrible outfit choices. I also deleted almost every Facebook album I uploaded between 2011 and 2014. Recently though, I’ve decided to not just forgive myself for falling into these trends, but to embrace them. 

Once I noticed we’ve already started to recycle some of the fashion we all swore we’d never wear again (read: fannypacks, mom jeans, etc.), it seems silly to beat ourselves up over a trend that will inevitably circle back. 

For future reference, here are some of today’s trends that we will all be kicking ourselves for in a few years, in no particular order:

  1. All the highlighting. We look like glazed donuts and we are thriving.
  2. Tiny sunglasses. I look like Courage the Cowardly Dog in mine, which is both frightening and hilarious.
  3. Tube tops. No one looks good in them, and even if you do, you don’t, ya know?
  4. Clear purses. A look that says, “yes I am messy and I am not ashamed.”
  5. Bucket hats. Are we all going fishing? No. Then WHY? Because they’re awesome, that’s why.
  6. Ripped denim. Our grandparents are right, why would we pay extra money for jeans that look old? Because they’re cool, grandma. 

And then one day, when we’re 80 years old, we’ll see someone rocking a Kylie Jenner glow and distressed Levi’s like it’s 2018 and remember how cool and not at all embarrassing we used to be. 

So in the meantime, catch me rocking my Budweiser bucket hat and unflattering mom jeans, feeling completely remorseless of my blue-eyeshadow wearing past. And just FYI, the next time dresses over jeans come back in style, I’ll be first in line.

To prove my commitment to a trend regret-free life, here are some pictures from my past for you to cringe over (sorry to any friends who are still embarrassed by these trends and are featured in these photos, I love you, don’t kill me!). 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay that’s enough middle school memories for now. Now go buy some tiny sunglasses!

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