Fashion Week is making a great case for sleeves

This year I’m celebrating my last Fashion Week not in New York by sneaking Vogue Runway on my phone behind my books during class (I’m scrolling through Coach as I write this).

Zoning out this copy editing class is not in vain, especially when you consider some of the points that Fashion Week is making.

Although I have a lot to say about the colors (hi Miranda Hobbes green and marigold!!), the sheer fabrics, the iridescent dresses, and the Ralph Lauren show in all of its 50th anniversary glory, today I’m feeling particularly inspired by all the sleeve drama. I even have on my Jerry Seinfeld-esque poofy white shirt in solidarity.

Check out below for some of my favorite sleeve inspiration, all photos are from Vogue Runway.


Anna Sui makes me feel like a mermaid on vacation with this bell-sleeved robe.


Baroque queen looks via Zimmermann.


Catch me in this Zimmermann ruffled beauty for cocktails.


Androgynous tulle via The Row. 


Carolina Herrera takes a crop top and makes it office appropriate. 


Eyelet top and chain belt from via Carolina Herrera.


I forgot all about little black dresses when I saw this white one by Carolina Herrera.


Floral details and tulle sleeves thanks to Carolina Herrera.


Carolina Herrera is making all of my middle school style dreams come true.


Christian Siriano shows us big volume and bold animal prints are here for spring.


Will be wearing this Christian Siriano for aerobics and to happy hour.


Oscar de la Renta makes me feel like a modern Greek goddess.


Can’t wait for head to toe denim featuring this Rebecca Taylor top.



And this is me today.

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