The one where Janice is the true style icon

I don’t claim to be an expert in much, but as someone who has religiously watched and rewatched Friends since the early 2000s, I doubt you will find someone more versed in the series than me (and I own a trivia game if anyone wants to challenge me on this).

Considering my self-proclaimed expertise, it’s surprising I haven’t realized what I’m about to say much earlier: Janice Litman Goralnik, née Hosenstein is the ultimate style icon.

Oh. My. God. 

You read that right. We’ve talked about Rachel’s outfits (iconic as they are) for long enough.

In the episodes that Janice appeared in (which are far too few, if you’re asking me), her outfits were never subtle, never understated; they were an embodiment of her true self.

Whether she’s wearing head-to-toe animal print or a monochrome lime green suit, Janice somehow manages to always own her outfits, not be swallowed by them.

Here are a few of Janice’s best looks to inspire you when your wardrobe feels stuck in second gear:

1. Her New Year’s Eve party dress


Note the wide pink ribbon functioning as a belt and the subtle polkadot tulle skirt. Not worth noting is the way Chandler is looking at her, which is completely unwarranted.

2. Her Froot Loop shirt


She’s matching shockingly well to the flower display behind her and I would definitely copy this look exactly, wrist bandage not included.

3. The styling of this graphic tee


On its own this tee-shirt is 90’s nostalgia for sure. The hair and matching necklace are what make this A Look.

4. This #trending coat


Lose the necklace, add a bodysuit, and even Rachel would have outfit envy.

5. This leopard Lycra ensemble


Not pictured: perfectly mismatched leopard leggings.

Whether or not you’re ready to jump on the Janice bandwagon, you have to admit that her understanding of self-expression is admirable. It takes a big personality (and big hair) to pull off her style.

As someone who struggles with the idea of image, I’m envious of someone can so easily capture who they are through dress. Even if you’re not ready to trade in your current wardrobe for cereal-inspired button-ups and tulle skirts, you can still celebrate Janice’s authentic expression, which is the only real requirement of any style icon.

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