How to give up fast fashion once and for all

One of the biggest arguments I’ve heard for fast fashion is that all fashion comes with a cost, so we might as well not bother.

This line of thinking is dangerous, irresponsible and apathetic.

Consumers have the ability to directly influence the way that companies produce their goods. When I visited Volcom in February, their global vice president of supply chain explained that he started getting calls about who produces their clothes and how, and it’s pushed them to become more responsible and sustainable.

Frankly, it can be annoying to not shop fast fashion. When everyone is wearing the trendiest clothes for an insanely good price, it’s incredibly tempting to give in and buy a faux fur coat from Forever21 or a new pair sunglasses from H&M.

When that temptation hits, I do my best to remember the harmful effects of fast fashion, both socially and environmentally.

If you’re considering a fast fashion cleanse, but aren’t sure how to live without the $5 tee-shirts and trendy new shoes, I’ve made something to help you find a solution.

This flowchart includes a few of my favorite way to combat fast fashion. No matter your income level, shopping habits or age, it’s possible to give up fast fashion and make a statement about your clothing ethos.


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