Lessons from a (4-year-old) shopaholic

If there’s one thing that living with 4-year-old twins has taught me, it’s that everything is cool. Seriously, everything!

I took a trip to TJ Maxx with them and not only was everything new and exciting, but they also taught me some brand new lessons in shopping. I’ve made their wise lessons a list, so it’s easier for your perusal and comprehension.

  1. Always take a mirror selfie! Or 4.

There is no pose too silly, no face too outrageous. You have to document your outfit, bonus points if you catch a friendly face in the mirror (P.S. Els referred to our reflections as our other selves).

  1. How to correctly take a product shot.

Photographers get paid a lot of money to take pictures of products for websites, and my girls are really out here shooting for free? Incredible. Minimal equipment and they’re shorter than 95 percent of products they’re shooting.

  1. Always take candid shots of your friends.

Seriously, we all appreciate it! Especially when they’re this good. Notice the different angles and poses she took to make sure she got the right shot. Extra credit: when they ask you if it’s cute you respond with, “eh, not really.”

  1. Summer’s hottest trend: socks and sandals

But not just any socks and not just any sandals. You may only pass go and collect your $200 if the socks and shoes are in an analogous color scheme. Your shoes don’t have to be sparkly, but she makes a great case for why they should be.

  1. More is more.


Until you’ve deleted 300+ photos of beauty blenders, Elsa backpacks, vases and sparkly clutches, you can’t fully understand how much “more” can really consist of. But let me tell you, it’s plenty.

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